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– by my 2 centshaving 2 daughters aged (now) 19 and 12, we have a simple rule in our house – no chat rooms.

surf the net by all means, chat with your friends on msn, but you don't need to go talking to strangers.

if there was a machine that would bring up kids for you, i'm sure 90% of all parents would buy one.

i don't know about you, but when i have kids, i want to be with them every step of the way…

when i bought my first computer i signed up with a local service provider and checked out the chats,i was not impressed.still after all these years i'm still not impressed.people are still people if you can call them that, regardless of the medium cb- ham radio or online the ones i ran into in the chats were quite loose with the keys if you know what i the millions of years we have been on this rock technology has grown by leaps and bounds but socially were are still in the dark still have that neanderthal mindset food sex entertainment,it's just a shame that some have taken it upon themselves to not use the technology wisely and sit ther at the screen and grunt,eat,fart,and say wow cool look at that chick or dood.i as a human can't understand how in gods name we could have advanced technologically yet socially we are the same as we were thousands of years would think the human race would have adavanced at the same rate socially as well as technologically and we wouldnt have to worry about our children being harrased by perverts- (neanderthals)i'm sure many of you have run into the person in a chat that bombards everyone with asl we are in a public forum such as a mall or an auditorium for a paticular function do we stand around and ask each other asl???

no we don'behave in a proper should it be any different on the web.i say shut down all the chats till the human race learns to comunicate in a civil manner.i have yet to see an online forum that wasnt filled to the hilt with bickering yelling cursing or deletion of posts.i f the human race can't catch up then darnit let's throw away all this crap we have created and go live in mud huts where we started from.

to do not speak about something, anything, is a sure way of forcing a child to ask the wrong person.

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manages and monitors are still available for users to access, but users can no longer set up their own. spokesperson, “we began implementing the changes to yahoo! isps have a responsibility to the community, and it's good yahoo! i hope the other shoe falls on the twisted individuals who were making the solicitations.i find it hard that people can actually set up a room for children and leave it unmoderated unattended while predator's expose them to bad enough when adults act like children in adult chat but exposing children to things they shouldn't i think yahoo!should have least had a responible party in a children's chat room to observe. what i can't understand is why parents are unable to protect their own children from this stuff.parents like to ignore that sometimes their children are at risk because of either their laziness, their ignorance or the closed minds.if a child if well informed, has an open mind but also firm self-chosen values (something you as a parent can only know if you participate of their education and listen , not only talk, to them)then the child will be better protected and less fragile.

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She also appeared in a topless scene for the Cinemax action drama series Banshee in a 2013 episode.

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I think we complete each other.” Patterns in the flow This section of heart-valve tissue has been stained in five colors to highlight various components.

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It will make sure you are pleasured and feel great.

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Unlike Nilsen, Hannah has been open about her sexuality for years and is two years older than Ingrid.

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The maximum allowed limit of lashes was 50 however Logan regularly applied sentences of 150 lashes.

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See something entertaining on social media that you think deserves to be shared?

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