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is an English loanword that appeared in the Japanese lexicon around the early 1980s.

Dynamics between husband and wife continued to change in ways that made the tradition way of referring to a woman as a wife offensive to young couples. However, the words were in the Japanese lexicon and used by anime long before this popularization. On the opposite end are those that take the relationship seriously.

Waifuism isn’t a fleeting obsession but rather a longer term relationship.

My original point showed my bias in how I view commitment: a true committed relationship cannot involve anyone else. Galbraith , Asian Anthropology (2013): Maid cafés: The affect of fictional characters in Akihabara, Japan, Asian Anthropology, DOI: 10.1080/1683478X.2013.854882Google Trends (n.d.).

Some waifu lovers are self described asexuals; others are married to 3D women.

Certainly, there are some who have problems with delusions; however, most of the waifu community members are aware of loving a fictional character.

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Waifuism is a complex idea that some may find troubling.

Maid cafes can also serve as a possible outlet for social needs.

A maid cafe is a restaurant where patrons interact with women dressed as maids and in other costumes. These characters are original and not usually that of established anime/manga franchises.

It seems to be all over the board and an individual decision or agreement with his waifu. Any fictional character has the potential to become a waifu. Rather, it looks to be an emotional event that happens, a resonance with a particular character.

You do make an important point about not being able to truly interact with a 2D character, and believe me, it’s not like we fool ourselves into thinking we can. Waifuism is not rooted in delusion or anti-social behavior for most people.

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Even though we put up a good fight the complaint was upheld so we have to change the wordings of this introduction.

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Dress up the way your date likes most, set up the table in the way he prefers. This is your only chance and it all depends on you in this virtual dating game for girls.

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Knowing where to go and when to be there is also very critical.

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How important is it to you to build your career, and have a prosperous life where you have the ability to enjoy the finer things? How would you feel about being in a relationship with a self-sufficient woman who doesn’t live her life through you, but instead has her own independent goals? How would you react if I planned our date, chose the restaurant, picked the entertainment and arranged for the tickets? If so, your astrological transits will tell you how likely you are to find a romance this year.