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If input is not checked to verify that it has the correct type, format, and length, it can cause problems.

Failure to validate input can lead to serious security risks such as integer error, buffer overflow, and SQL injections among others.

Alternative libraries specifically designed with security in mind are often more robust.

The choice of programming languages can play a role in the potential severity of input validation vulnerabilities.

The purpose of this code is to produce a consistent method to validate user input, and not let the program proceed until the user has inputted a correct type.

The class methods accept user input as string, attempt to convert that input to the expected type.

For user input, this will often mean providing an informative error message and requesting re-entry of the data.

Invalid input from other sources – such as a network connection – may require alternate measures.

Generally, this input will be of a specific type: for example, a user interface that requests a person’s name expects a series of alphabetic characters.

Untyped languages such as Perl and Ruby do not have any such requirements – any variable can store any type of value.

Of course, these languages do not eliminate validation problems – you may still run into trouble if you use a string to retrieve an item from an integer- indexed array.

The system discarded the extra digit, and transferred 0,000 to the (incorrect) account given by the 11 remaining numbers.

A simple dialog box informing her that she had typed too many digits may have avoided this expensive error.

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Two of those women say they contracted herpes from Usher - while the other was simply exposed to the disease.

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