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So guess which one you can do away with without causing any issues? In the main, people add trackers for one of two reasons, either a) to find more peers, or b) to try and add some resiliency. More peers make it faster; so if you want more peers, you add more trackers, because you can’t get peers without trackers, right? Once you’ve got the appropriate number of peers for your connection, trying to add more will just make things slower. In fact, the widespread use of it has caused more tracker downtimes than anything it’s prevented.Or, you don’t think that’s all the peers there are, and there must be some that no-one knows of right? The fastest setup is the one that matches your connection, and more peers will make you slower (thanks to the increased overhead). As one tracker goes down, load on other, similar trackers (especially the 5 listed on TPB/KAT) stays pretty much the same, and may even increase slightly (as people hit ‘update tracker’ to see if they can get a down one to work).It augments trackers, and means that even if there were two disparate swarms on a torrent (as can happen with DHT-only torrents, thanks to the incompatable Vuze and mainline systems), as soon as a single link is made (by a client that can handle both, for instance) the swarms start to intermingle. It’s not made any different to the primary tracker. Even more fun comes when you realise that any client that supports multiple trackers, tends to also support DHT, and so DOESN’T NEED multiple trackers anyway. If, however, someone on both groups had DHT running, then they’re going to become one swarm, thanks to PEX. But the question has to be asked, just WHY do people keep adding more trackers to a torrent?So what we’ve got is a tracker that has all the peers (1) a bunch of other trackers that have most of the same peers and no new/different ones (2-5) a an alternative way to get peers (DHT, aka 6) and a way to keep all of them in one big group. Well, if the first tracker goes down, then yes, second tracker saves the day! Going back to the example, people running the original torrent, with the Ca PT tracker on it, and those getting the torrent from TPB are going to be two different swarms, aren’t they? The answer is simple, and comes from a misunderstanding of how a tracker works, and what’s being done.2.8megabytes/second average works out to about 7.25 terabytes of data over 30 days. Then we get to the responses, which is when the tracker sends data back to the client.We’ll assume 25 peers are being sent back, because there are always small swarms, which won’t have enough peers for the default 50. In theory, every client should announce to this tracker as well, but the reality is a little different.

The whole thing about DHT is that it can find peers without them being locked on a specific tracker.

You see, one of the leading causes of tracker instabilities is just one thing – Traffic. Right now, on the front page it says The actual value may differ when you read this, but let’s just take that as a starting point, and round it down to 50 million.

The average bittorrent client updates to a tracker roughly every 30 minutes.

You get advice for self-professed bittorrent ‘experts’ telling you that it has to be turned off for certain sites (usually their own activity-logging site where DHT undermines their revenue stream), etc.

It’s so bad, that there’s a whole page on Torrent Freak about various DHT myths being debunked from 2009 and they STILL get repeated.

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Avoid doing anything you will regret once you are married. In other words, do not focus on how you are being perceived, but instead focus on how you are making other people feel. Not only do they know more about life, dating, and men and women; but they know you pretty good, too.

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[c:0|t:6|false] OBJECT IDENTIFIER (server Auth) .

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You do get the odd person who can get quite nasty but most are ok.