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Fixed GXP missed call cannot be removed by LEFT key completely• Added support for padding bit in RTP• Fixed GXP2010/GXP2020 LCD backlight does not function correctly• Fixed BT200 change codec from UI MENU will also change Voice Frames Per TX incorrectly Build (11/01/2007)• Fixed audio stack overflow crash (A1000 crash problem found on GXP1200)• Fixed GXP2010/2020 LCD contrast MENU OK/CANCEL soft key• Fixed onhook-dialing account selection bug• Fixed GXP1200/2010 TFTP display incorrect model name and remove hyphen in all model names• Adjusted MWI flash interval to 1 second between on/off• Removed eventlist URI settings from account pages as GXP1200 does not have BLF keys• Added "LCD Backlight Always On" and "Disable Missed Call Backlight" to GXP1200 Basic Settings page• Changed GXP20xx speed dial key modes and GXP2000 EXT key modes from "Asterisk BLF" to "Busy Lamp Field (BLF)"• Fixed BT200 redial problem after deleting called log• Fixed GXP1200 does not reject 3rd incoming call correctly leading to display problems• Fixed GXP1200 web page problem after 3 concurrent calls• Fixed GXP1200 busy call forward not working• Fixed GXP1200/2010/2020 setting DHCP mode in GUI MENU when already in DHCP mode causes it to toggle to static IP mode• Fixed GXP2010/GXP2020 provisioning screen display not aligned/missing in• Implemented HEADSET key logic so it works similar to SPEAKER key• Improved handset duplex performance Build (10/22/2007)• Slow key response fix• Added GXP1200 LCD Contrast Control• After Onhook dial the # key and default 4 seconds send number feature cannot work• keep the PPPOE setting cause the static ip mode setting fail• Periodic NTP Re-sync not working properly• 3-way-conference under Notrl MCS mode is not working• Added syslog if we are unable to allocate anymore channels• Fix if the server in DNS form is configured, the provision will start two times• Added "LCD contrast" into the language string• Updated the new bootloader application status messages to show tftp download and writing messages.• Implemented vertical status line for gxp1200 for three line display when offhook softkey.• For gxp2020 and gxp2010 - cannot change Gateway IP address in static ip mode• Ported RFC call pickup to be enabled in all GXP• Changed "Asterisk BLF" string to "BLF"• Added new menu to reset VLAN under "config"• GXP2020 offhook screen clears the whole main display area• Fixed phonebook does not Re-Download atthe specified interval• BT200: Mute ringer in headset does not work in• Fixed turn off speaker remote disconnect feature for BT200.• Added two menus to set VLAN tag and priority from the phone• Fixed: Check SIP User ID for incoming INVITE" checks To header instead of Request URI• Devices behave incorrectly while in call on receiving NOTIFY (Event: check sync)• Fixed an issue when the call is on hold, the SOFTKEY is still in OFFHOOK mode.• Added LCD contrast menu under preference for gxp2020 and gxp2010.• LCD contrast setting will cause no change if it is not exited properly.• Added ok and cancel SOFTKEY support for LCD contrast menu.• GXP2000, no dial tone or LED on line key, after the SIP server not responding.• Presence/BLF button also function as SPEEDDIAL button when idle• 200 OK for video 'm' line contains an extra space character at the end of the line• Fixed gxp1200 LED flicker issue Build (09/20/2007)• Audio issue on GXP2020• Added on-hook dialing• Decoupled registration and subscription intervals• Fixed we do not re-transmit 200 OK for re INVITE• Fixed call history time not adjusting to DST• Support dialing from phonebook with SEND key• Support for disable backlight when there is missed calls• Support for BLF call pickup using dialog automatically if XML contains sufficient information• Support XML application for GXP2020• Enhanced GUI including reversed MENU, larger fonts for GXP2020• Integrate my new HLC code handset gain tricks to reduce ambient noise picked up by handset and eliminate clipping of loud audio• Remove extraneous lock around packet dequeue loop• To stop network flood from preventing call setup (tx path works fine in this condition, rx path stutters due to current ne2000 receive buffer overflow handling). I reinstalled FW - it seems back to normal.: (10/23/2007) Phone was locked up when I arrived in the office this morning. Phone started booting on its own several times later on. (HW=0.4) - Although not available as an official download as of Jun26/07, Grandstream support is mailing this firmware to people who request it.Changelog Build IP Fragmentation bug Fixed GXP-2000/BT500 ring tone change via keypad menu not effective after reboot Improved audio quality with some audio parameter changes Fixed we crash on attended transfer on platforms that use To/From headers without square brackets Fixed we reject cfg files smaller than 512 bytes Fixed BT-200 keypad UI for TFTP server not working Fixed a typo in LCP (PPPo E related)Fixed GXP2000 provides RING only for first incoming call; when first caller hangs up, the ringing stops.Fixed BT-200/500 does not play short beep on auto-answer Fixed Bug in Via header when DNS name is used instead of IP address Fixed we still responds "recvonly" on un-hold SDP message If you have two numbers registered on the phone can one be made to glow green and one made to glow red depending which extension is ringing.Changelog (only GXP-2000 related)Build custom ring tone by Alert-Info fails Added option to check incoming INVITE sip user IDFixed DTMF buffer not cleared when switching lines for unestablished dialogs Support disable call-waiting tone Add UCF (Unconditional Call Forward) icon on status line Fixed high pitch done played when Call Forwards are enabled and disabled Fixed user cannot enter * and # in phonebook entries.In addition, user can enter @ by using HOLD key in phonebook submenu Fixed we crash on attended transfer on platforms that use To/From headers without square brackets Fixed we still responds "recvonly" on un-hold SDP message Fixed GXP-2000 ring tone change via keypad menu not effective after reboot Added volume control is stored after reboot Added Support for GXP-2000EXT keys in diagnostic mode Disabled headset side tone Fixed IP Fragmentation bug Add Support for IM and screen XML feature (saving to flash)Fixed we send NTP to wrong IP address Added force LCD update on hook status change (this makes LCD GUI look more responsive when onhook)Added customizable idle screen via downloading XML by HTTP/TFTPAdded support for SIP MESSAGE method (RFC 3428); stores up to 100 incoming IM messages, after that new messages are dropped Added support for SIP PUBLISH method (RFC 3903)Added support for SIP Presence package (RFC 3856, 3863) for use of 7 MFKs and GXP-2000EXTAdded support for SIP Dialog package (RFC 4235)Added support for SRTP by SDESFixed GXP-2000 crashes when speed dial user ID contains '@'Fixed the clock on the right top corner displays incorrectly if switches from 12hour display to 24hour display.If you choose to try beta release software, read the detailed firmware notes below and add any useful findings.NOTE: Phones running releases 1.1.6.x onwards cannot be downgraded later to v1.1.5.x or below Link to Grandstream's official firmware download page Link to the unofficial Grandstream firmware download page, which contains unreleased beta versions.

updating firmware on a gxp2020-78updating firmware on a gxp2020-33

Grandstream has released software in a variety of states - from stable, to very beta.

The “Optional Rule” is configured to automatically adjust the Daylight Savings Time (DST) based on the rule set in this field.

Rule Syntax: Advanced User configuration includes not only the end user configuration, but also advanced configuration such as SIP configuration, Codec selection, NAT Traversal Setting and other miscellaneous configuration.

In absence of a hub/switch (or free ports on the hub/switch), please connect the computer directly to the phone using the: When changing any settings, always SUBMIT them by pressing the button on the bottom of the page. If, after having submitted some changes, more settings have to be changed, press the menu option needed.

This section will describe the options in the Web configuration user interface.

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Reproducibility on z6266 is slightly lower than the ~3% standard deviation that we and others (Schmitz et al., 2003) typically observe for replicate analyses of our currently used standard AS3, for reasons that remain as yet unresolved.

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