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Now you can wink at someone you like or pull a face if you have an emotion and you don’t know how to express it in words.This is a great flirting technique and it also saves a lot of time to rather use our adult chat lingo than to type out words.AYEC - At your earliest convenience AYS - Are you serious? B - Back B& - banned B2W - back to work B/F - Boyfriend B4 - before B4N - bye for now BASOR - Breathes a sigh of relief BAU - Business as usual BAY - Back at you BBIAB - Be back in a bit BBIAM - Be back in a minute BBN - Bye bye now BBS - Be back soon BFF - Best friends forever BFD - Big freaking deal BFFN - Best friend for now BG - Big grin BGWM - Be gentle with me BIF - Before I forget BION - Believe it or not BLNT - Better luck next time BM - Bite me BME - Based on my experience BM&Y - Between me and you BOB - Back of buddy BN - Bad news BOL - Best of luck BOLO - be on the look out BOOMS - Bored out of skull BOT - Back on topic BRB - Be right back BRBB - Be right back babe BRNC - Be right back, nature calls BRD - Bored BRH - Be right here BRT - Be right there BSTS - Better safe than sorry BTA - But then again BTDT - Been there done that BTW - By the way BTYCL - Bootycall BWL - Bursting with laughter BYOB - Bring your own beer BYOD - Bring your own drink BYTM - better you than me C&G - Chuckle & Grin CB - Coffee break CID - Consider it done CM - Call me CMB - Call me back CMIIW - Correct me if I’m wrong CMON - Come on CNP - Continued in next post COS - Because C/P - Cross post CSL - Can’t stop laughing CT - Can’t talk CTC - Care to chat CTN - Can’t talk now CTO - Check this out CUA - See you around CUL - See you later M8 - Mate CUMID - See you in my dreams CWOT - Complete waste of time CWYL - Chat with you later CUA - See you around CUL - See you later M8 - Mate CUMID - See you in my dreams CWOT - Complete waste of time CWYL - Chat with you later CYE - Check your email CYO - See you online DBEYR - Don’t believe everything you read DF - Don’t even go there DGAF - Don’t give a F**K DGA - Don’t go anywhere DGT - Don’t go there DIKU - Do I know you?DILLIGAF - Do I look like I give a F**k DKDC - Don’t know, Don’t care DL - Download DM - Doesn’t matter DQMOT - Don’t quote me on this DR - Didn’t read DTRT - Do the right thing DUR - Do you remember DWF - Divorced white female DWM - Divorced white male DYNWUTB - Do you know what your talking about?When you speak to a swinging couple or a single adult in real life it is easier to communicate with them because you can see their body language.

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HTH - Hope this helps IAC - In any case IAO - I am out of here IB - I’m Back IC - I see ICAM - I couldn’t agree me ICBW - It could be worse ICEDI - I can’t even discuss it ICFILWU I could fall in love with you ICYMI - In case you missed it IDBI - I don’t believe it IDC - I don’t care IDK - I don’t know IDTS - I don’t think so IFYP - I feel your pain IHNI - I have no idea IIRC - If I remember correctly IK - I know ILU - I love you IM - Instant message IMO - In my opinion IMU - I miss you IOMH - In over my head IOW - In other words IRL - In real life IRMC - I rest my case ITYK - I thought you knew IUSS - If you say so IYKWIM - If you know what I mean IYO - In your opinion JFF - Just for fun JAM - Just a minute JIC - Just in case JJ - Just joking JLME - Just let me know JK - Just Kidding JP - Just Playing JTLYK - Just to let you know JW - Just wondering K - Okay KB - Kick butt KFY - Kiss for you KIA - Know it all KISS - Keep it simple stupid KIT - Keep in touch KMA - Kiss my A**E KOW - Knock on wood KOTC - Kiss on the cheek KNIM - Know what I mean L2G - Like to go L2K - Like to come L8R - Later LBAY - Laughing back at you LD - Long distance LFG - Looking for a group LH6 - Lets have sex LHM - Lord help me LHO - Laughing head off LIC - Like I care LMBO - Laughing my butt off LMIRL - Lets meet in real life LMK - Let me know LTNS - Long time no see LTS - Laughing to myself LVM - leave a voice mail MFI - Mad for it MOSS - Member of the same sex MSG - Message MTF - More to follow MYOB - Mind you own business N00B - Newbie N1 - Nice one N2M - Nothing too much NBD - No big deal NE1 - Anyone NFM - None for me/ not for me NFS - Not for sale NFW - No F**King way NIGI - Now I get it NMJC - Nothing much, just chilling NM - Never mind NMU - Not much, you?

NO1 - No one NP - No problem NRN - No response/reply necessary NSA - No strings attached NT - Nice try OATUS - On a totally unrelated subject OB - Oh baby OH - Overheard OMG - Oh my god OMW - On my way OP - On phone OTB - Off to bed OTT - Over the top PCM - Please call me Peeps - People PIC - Picture PMP - Peeing my pants PLD - Played PLMK - Please let me know PRON - Pornography PRT - Party PTMM - Please tell me more PXT - Please explain that PYT - Pretty young thing PZ - Peace QFE - Question for everyone QL - Quit laughing QOTD - Quote of the day QQ - Quick question RBAY - Right back at you RFN - Right F**king now RL - real life RME - Rolling my eyes RSN - Real soon now RUMOF - Are you male or female RUT - Are you there RUOK - Are you ok RYO - Roll your own RYS - Are you single S2S - Sorry to say SAL - Such a laugh SAT - Sorry about that SH - Same here SH^ - Shut up SHID - Slaps head in disgust SICNR - Sorry I couldn’t resist SIMYC - Sorry I missed your call SIT - Stay in touch Slap - Sounds like a plan SMHID - Scratching my head in disbelief SO - Significant other SOAB - Son of a Bi**h SOL - Sooner or later SOMY - Sick of me yet? SOT - Short of time SOWM - Someone with me SPST - Same place same time STR8 - Straight STW - Search the web SUL - See you later SWL - Screaming with laughter SWMBO - She who must be obeyed.

, but some projects can leave you feeling, well, lonely.

Are you curious to connect with people and with companies doing what you do?

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If you're on Tinder, here are some Do's and Don'ts for users when you run into someone who happens to be transgender. Engaging with people you fundamentally disagree with can only lead to an uncomfortable situation. If they are a transgender woman, use "she" and "her" and vice versa for males.

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Inspired by the folk tales passed on from one generation to another, 'Dus Tola' is a simply told story of victory of goodness over greed.

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We also give you the option to try out our 3D chat room as well, which definitely adds to the fun and give you a different way to chat online.

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This app is for i Phone only, so if you’re an Android fan, you’re out of luck.