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Mr East— would give any clue m to the drew up some high -mounding for- Wl Ut taker. Whereas to 1939 there wrre 2.985 medical eases, the num- ber rose to 3.708 last year. Scope of rase* on Much Broader Scale— New Addition VMM Facili- tate Handling of Patient* The scope of the work carried out In the wards of the Royal Jubilee Hfwpllal during the last year Is con- tained in the record librarian's re- port for that period, and further serves to show how greatly the arrv- tre of the institution will be Im- proved with the Increased facilities now obtainable with the completion of tor new east wing, which will be officially opened nn Thursday alternnon. 0*t irwtfi A * i»t ft on dru* • ■ VClfk V * • Only H. wl U describe the Dr A E Carver, nerve specialist r/,r dlt,r,r,» n Lnndon sa ne • -gs«" k flve -minute dally broadcasts and *1 • u* * I J J Radial* « 3 * * Yesterday's Score* Kcrrtedale 2 Victoria Unit* St. ( Barney) Olson tells * capacity opening night crowd at the new Arena how it all came to pass. tve club the first Goal First marker came *t the elghteen- minutr murk when An Kluckner centre forward, scored following a cross from Dnve Todd, on the left wing. Doug Todd and Dave Todd Victoria United— Joe Travia, Har- old Sage, Oeorge Leggett, Jock Flddus, Glen Robbins Jack Moon, Gordon Bell Tommy Musgruie, Jack Harrison.

ability to wl*h1 III II ,nn R ^ T8nd nprn * wh,rh ,u "* mlttee of the United Mine Workers Il Ulllllin N L Ml opened hi Moscow almost a* urual PT'idrnl Stockholm cor- orougm a uireai 01 war 10 one -The idea." he continued, "b *V n,w Minister of Public Works. Gen- eral anaesthetic* were administered 1.906 times Further evidence of too Increased - demands on the hospital facilities is contained in the figure* on med- ical cases. Death* for the year 1940 amounted to 219 a* against 326 tn 1039 Thl* In itself a r a tribute to the advancement of medical and hcwpttal science. And daily they give thanks for the Red Cross supplies being sent from overseas F0* VICT0IT THE DAILY COLONIST, VICTORIA, BC, SI' N DAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1041 SPENCER’S New RADIO Department £ "'Mil 0%l -* -fl-d Dei t d-ta? This bottle top hold* a perfect lady -like slug {Same's that . »tore engaged an "efficiency expert." whose chief delight woa changing the department* round One d*y a section would be at the t».p of the building, the next it would be In tlvc basement or where ^ aom* tim- ago. and Uielr drive for goal, mure particularly In the first half, stamped them as the more aggre.

23 ^- Amer- ican-made tank*, receiving their first real tr»t under war conditions in the British offensive in Libya, drew this tribute tonight from a British official: ‘They have proved very f**t, ab- solutely reliable and fully Juntflad themselves Iji a word, they've 6dn«~ Hne work and we are glad to ac- knowledge IL" TVt advert, lament u oot pub W t or displayed by Ih* Lk|uor Control Bt of Brlttah Coiurribta Frank’s Furniture ) Yates Near Quadra AWARDED CONTRACT OTTAWA. And if any other argument is needed, madam, remember that in spite of a continu- ally rising Fur Market, not a single Coat in Malleks great stock has been raised in price. French policemen tired at the men without hilling or capturing them. Infantry, tanks and supply columns are moving as single unit*, is con- vincing military observers here that re R -going Britain lr finally up-to- date on land warfare They paint, a picture of tanks, covered by an umbrella of death- mot ortxcd v K.r TA»m ANO Mll*T CASH AND CARRY SPECIALS FOR HAMBURGER, lb. BEEF HEARTS, lb RIB LAMB CHOPS, lb LOIN LAMB CHOPS, lb BREAST OF LAMB lb 1212 DOUGLAS STREET spitting warplane* infantry and artillery, bumping swiftly across the dr-ert to attack the enemy. There is a feel- alr the attack drove the arc requested to a Jl^ernlttance. Quarterly 1A0 new fillip to enlistment there la the necessity for 'armlet that hud occurred a year Fair fonts of every rapture Heaven possesses: To All Other Countries: a new muster of Canada's manhood, and woman- | “8° under somewhat similar clr- Here in soft singing aisles I fondlv bow hood as well. Refreshment* were served by the hosie**, The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs, J. A second ent r ance - for use by the public and lew serious cases Is provided. Nov 22 CP» Uni- versity of British Odum bis defeated a Victoria army rep English Rugby squad. The Varsity ruggers proved to have too much experlrnne for the army representatives and dominated the majority of play.

The patient la accommodated ln her own bed ln this recovery room, so thut when she is sufficiently Improved she Is returned to her own ward In the bed she occupies thus obviating any need for disturbing the patient The establishment of the recovery room also adds to the comfort of ward patient* who are not distressed by the condition of those Just re- covering from an anaesthetic.

DIRECTORATE The directors, apart from the offi- cers already named, arc as fol- lows: Erl Win Tomlin, Un. Judge H H Slmndley, Reeve A Lockley, Reeve L H Pasmore. The room also is located near the chart room to enable speedier attention during thav critical forty -eight hour* after which a patient has undergone a minor or major operation.

BUY KIWANIS TB CHRISTMAS SEALS Of course no woman needs cold weather as an excuse for wanting a Fur Coat. At the same time concentrated courses are fitting young men to operate the machines So closely has the time element been calculated that new plant* rarely fall to go into produc Uon on schedule. AT AVAILABLE “Occasionally, however, oomph-tion of a minor facility is retarded by unavoidable delay.” said Lieutenant Oood “Till* was the situation In one or the new plant* recently. 20 ROLLED OATS — an up-to-the-minute table-top model. Henry will be seen at work on thetr crafts, tn the Gov- ernment Street show window of Da- TRADE-INS iy Stark ha* don* are being pre- pared to teach the men ot the armed forces strategy, tactics, gunnery and other training subjects on next door SUFFERED EVERY SPRING WITH WE ARE NOT CLOSING OUT The Following Departments Are Still Carrying On Sheet Metal Work, Backet Making, Picture Framing Chair Recaning, Grass and Wicker Chair Repairing, Rush Seating t have a limited number of Gate-Leg Tables. Ironing Board* and Bed Trays, One Dutch Cabinet, whief speaker. All war da have been completed I department 1* perhaps one of the pressure sterilizer for instruments as pert of the food preparation be performed there.

VC'K Superb styling, beautiful finish and a marvelous tone make the WILLIS PIAX part payment Balance spread over 30 months. foundation; while construction is proceeding, machinery and 3$ulp- mcnt are being manufactured and assembled to be Installed without an hour's delay. C., SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1941 I PERSONAL IITIE/VVS a/*- TSCHAIKOWLVKY Overture, ”B AM- L*T," Part* I end a Antal Dorati ecindaeune tha London Philhar- monic Oreh«»tra priev * 1,35 1J7M- BAC'H - WALTON THE WISE Vlfi- OINH ■ ini J— "BA1XET SHm In four Par U William Walton and Staler* Well* O rebel U a Plica, each A 1 . hii enicnrenov power plant callable of producing from 100 ivi kp.own'tv which Would be adequate to take enrr of a I! cold *lor- a»:r and other px.wer- using units of the hospital This elprtrlc plant also wvmld provide power f r the pump* tli at would drnv.- the water from *w UKN visiting the hospital, such gifts as colognes, perfumes, fancy soaps, talcums, magazines and chocolates, are always appreciated. and mart racks A mobile sanitary unit facilitates nursing service to the various wards, while a special high pressure steam sterilizer for bedside and bed utensils safeguards against any infection whatsoever.

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For example, a specific interest or activity would be ‘hiking’ while a specific lifestyle would be ‘vegetarian.’ If necessary, make changes to your group’s name, description, and upcoming events to explain the primary focus of the group.

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February 2018: Baja Penninsula, Mexico February 2018: Yellowstone National Park (FULL) March 2018: Costa Rica, Bird Conservation Boot Camp (research field station, inland mountains) (FULL) November 2018: New Zealand Join us on a tour to explore the best of Baja from land to sea!

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