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Snelling's view, but the park's adherence to its 'narrowly defined institutional mandate predicated in part on the fact that ours is a secular society as per our Constitution.'Dr Snelling's lawyer said they will be conducting a meeting with the national park officials soon.

Geologists have uncovered a great mystery in granite rocks. They were caused by radioactive decay of polonium, but the source has disappeared. These microscopic halos look a lot like “bullet holes.” Why are they of interest to creationists?

Photos courtesy Mark Armitage Geologists find four types of radiohalos in granite.

One was caused by the decay of uranium, and the others came from the decay of another radioactive element, polonium.

The main decay path is depicted with solid red arrows.

And the main eight alpha-decaying atoms are shown in red. As each of the alphaparticles is “fired” from the nucleus, it has a different energy.

He was known to officials prior to his request because Dr Snelling conducted Biblical-themed raft tours through the canyon and had also researched in the area.

The religious scientist converted to Christianity when he was just nine years old and he developed an interest in geology shortly after.

Where the arrows point downward, those changes result from alpha decay. (Alpha decay involves the loss of two protons and two neutrons; beta decay involves splitting of a neutron, the loss of an electron, and the gain of a proton.) The original (or parent) uranium nucleus contains 92 protons.The process continues through what is known as the uranium decay chain, until the stable lead-206 atom is reached, the final end product.The picture is a little more complicated at the bottom end of this decay chain.Figure 1 shows a sample radiohalo that resulted from this process. Consequently each bullet travels a different distance into the surrounding material before it stops to leave a black mark.The origin of eight-ring radiohalos is not a mystery for geologists. The mystery is the source of the one-ring, two-ring, and three-ring radiohalos that are found in the same rock specimens (Figures 2–4).

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