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we all have it one of mine has been to post art or a photo or maybe just write on the front page of this website for many years now it seems to tether me to the world & help give meaning to what i do and in return some people come to my website weekly to see what ive been up to over the last week or inquire about a painting .....

its a beautiful dance we dance when we find the music in our daily ritual as an artist it can become something that people can hum to or perhaps with a better tune some can people dance to thats what i want to do make people dance with my paintings or with my words although i gotta confess theres often alot of confused people standing around the Dark Bird Palace at the Flea Market so i may just be a Dark Bird who thinks he can play the piano with his beak New Art Return of the Tricksters--- 24 x 48 oily on a good bord signs and intuitions hints of possibilities disappear like a vague dream by 8 am on our cultures timeline log out be here now opt out and go outside art now a literal reminder of a symbolic awakening for the 21st century that comes loaded with the attention span of a rat in a cheese factory sex fornication & fertility rates dive leaving behind a trail of likes and shares on separate timelines im right here in front of you you dont need to check your facebook page to see if im available for chat coffee shops are quiet as a mouse with a mouse no one talks in the poets corner all are logged on checked out brick and mortar soon to be out of order driving with a sell fone the new 21st century dog and pony trick can you take a foto at 75 on the freeway post it on instagram share it on Facebook and not T-Bone on I-25?

" and it is with this surreal ephiphany that i realize again what an indecipherable foreign language a dark bird sings and so i fly my freak flag high and croak my dirty dark bird song as all my dead cowboys line up in a flea market chorus line kicking high as i croon with a paint brush like the tony bennett of dark birds new artttttt a Flea Market Flag--- but for those that cant always clear the voices in their head for those that cant always pull out of their melancholy blues for those that just cant seem to get things right i think its worth noting that those are usually the folks that become the real heros in our world of perfect selfies afterall unless you are a longshot that no one sees coming how can you possibly be an inspiring hero?

Horse Sense 24 x 30 oiillly on a bord yes Kat and I spent quite alot of time last week in northern Colorado around several bands of wild horses...

Hang Loose 24 x 72 inches oily on loose canvas im back in the saddle again Desert Prism--SOULD about 35 x 62 oily on loose canvas clik hear to see 7 more new paintings from my new studio at 821 Canyon Road Mouse--SOULD 24 x 30 oily on stretched canvas heard the news?

Bobcats and Wild Horses Dark Birds and Bears and Antelope and Turtles all three Paintings are about 60 inches long March 27th 2017 They Might be Giants--- 18 x 24 oily on a nice bord eye-40 the inner state of america home of the free wifi land of the brave liberals have you tried our all you can eat buffet today? caution hitchhikers maybe escaped convicts turn around its not too late stop here art made by real indians try our black jack tables roll the dice spin the wheel did you know Jesus died for your sins?

i drove to Arizona to meet with the wisest of them all Bucky the Burro who told me hay buddy from one Jack Ass to another all you have to do is get up and do it again Febuary 16, 2015 im more pissed off this year than usual i have no idea why i dont know where it comes from and i dont really care you see i fight demons and if i cant find one i make them up and if i cant imagine someone who doesnt think i can do it i know im not looking hard enough because i know theyre out there and im ready for them any time they are clik hear four moore art Wild Horses---she says i sound nuts when i talk about secret codes in ancient texts that theres no mysterious meanings in these old dusty books so i nod my head and she smiles at my trivial pursuit but at nite i am very close to discovering where they buried the giant egg in the morning i wave smoldering sage around the room clearing out evil lingering bad memories and exorcising demons protecting her from it all she says its superstition just a myth and i couldnt agree more as i watch ghosts hover just over her head 24 x 36 on a good bord SOULD alot of folks ask what a Dark Bird like myself does when the flea market closes in the winter the answer is that i spend alot of time driving a Kat around looking for wild horses in the southwest not a bad job if you can get it Cadillac Ranch Dark Bird foto by Kat Livengood just outside of Amarillo Texass 2015 is the Year of the Dark Bird its going to be a big year one to remember so thanks for all who got off the main road and bought a piece of my work at the flea market in the past because the future is about to take flight this will be the year of the DARK BIRD Fertility Totem 20 x 80 mol on a good bord may this year be pregnant with possibilities exploding with cheap gas prices and booming with the sound of "who does this guy from north korea think he is pulling a movie from my metroplex!?!

come sea me this summer dont forget its the year of the Dark Bird from one Jackass to another some folks talk to a sage maybe a shaman or their local shrink for the answers to the universe but me?i dreamed i fell off a ladder tumbling for days rolling for months i gave up trying to control the fall and starting enjoying the ride but im still staying clear of ladders for a while Genesis of a Dark Bird--- about 40 x 70 oily on a loose canvas August 10th 2015 come to the Dark Bird Palace at the Tesuque Flea Market to see moore art from undoubtedly the most famous flea market artist alive today the Wings of a Dark Bird--- oily on a 70 x 20 closet door this week at the flea it was so hot i felt like Ken in Barbies EZ bake oven but life at the market rolls on inevitability seeming vaguely oddly clear to me something is happening that has already been named by a God far far away and so when it gets July hot i keep frozen bananas in mind to help maintain the proper perspective about where someone who paints pretty pictures at a flea market fits on the banana tree of life...note to self when someone questions why you didnt meet them on the high road of life get a big shovel and tunnel around all their bull shit thats nicely piled up to to resemble a stinky brown mountain with a road that leads you right straight to their self serving door the Protection Painting (by Gold and Silver)--- about 20 x 30 multicrappia on a kitchen drawer at the flea yesterday i bought a big rack of elk horns from a fellow from espanola i put them atop my head & charged down the aisle like a crzy buck i wonder if elk ever pretend to be dark birds?today a spaceship passes Pluto snapping pictures like a giddy kid with a new instagram account im not sure what is more incredible that i will see the pictures today or that 3 billion miles away a man made ship just passed the last known planet in our solar system from the Dark Bird Palace i look at where Pluto might be feeling like I'm connected by an invisible string everything i can imagine seems real but most of the hard things in life seem like a bad dreams another planet visited and another aisle fills with new tailgaters yesterday a fellow across from me was selling wagon wheels i told him we have something in common both of us sell goods that are obsolete neither having obvious utility in a new world where "likes" make sense the smell of cooking onions and sizzling bacon floats in the air the music man plays the Orange Blossum Special people mingle around the turquoise tables and the shimmering strange beauty of the Dark Bird Palace continues to stand like a relic of another day and time a hint at what we will soon remember as the "good old days" june 29 2015 stick a fork in me roll me in flea market dust dip twice in a dark bird egg smother with turpentine gravy and serve with a generous dead cowboy smile daily i do my flea market zen meditating on the dead cowboy staring deep into where his eyes used to be as he smiles back at me with his crzy dead cowboy smile a lady at the market was overheard to ask "what does he do?stand in front of his shack and charge people who want to photo it?

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We refer to a member of royalty as 'Your Highness', whereas individuals who commit unsavory acts are called 'low', 'low down' and 'low lifes'.

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It’s pretty clear that the 38 year old Cherie is the experienced one showing the younger ones how to do it.

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If you are on a corporate network, contact your administrator if you are concerned about updating your computer.

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Talk about any topic that is on your mind or you are interested in.

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It is a collaborative project by the Ocean Mixing Group and Atmospheric Sciences Group in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences.

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This increases the probability of a successful coupling.

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But it happened to be the guitar that we recorded like everything on, so I was super bummed. But in general, it was, you know, maybe a few days out of our entire life. You play the one, and the first couple nights, that one song just destroyed and the other ones are not going over. PW: It was like a dumb, funny thing that just happened to be—PS: We were, like, messing around for a half hour backstage, it wasn't like a real thing. PW: I would do it if we can attach the right director. PS: You know, we're in talks — Ridley Scott's all tied up with the Aliens franchise. But maybe on a band level, I would say playing for President Obama's inaugural ball was pretty cool. That was the thing that, like, you know, you'll tell grandkids about that. PW: And they were like, "No, we're not doing a sequel video to this."PS: [laughs] He's like a diehard fan. But I suppose, hey, I have a job where I have to play with puppies for a day, so that's a pretty amazing accomplishment.

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Simply click apply, select your estimated credit score, and provide some basic information about your financial situation.