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They are a bunch of childs going around asking "WHY... What's also very strange to me is that people don't seem to care in any way who is behind the keyboard... The fact that people do not care about who may be behind the other PC, is because they refuse to know, because they want to RP, or simply because they do not care because it is RP.People don't care if they are male or female, young or old, what nationality they are, etc. The only people you may find actually caring deeply or even wants to know, are the lollers who are around.The same reason sex features to heavily in the media. People, and especially world of warcraft players, are so messed up, that they feel the need to, the desire to, the strange lust to bother about other peoples things. I also found it quite entertaining the way everyone was slow walking instead of running, I guess that this is an attempt to add to the realism.They are a bunch of childs going around asking "WHY... I have no problem with what goes on, but it just doesn't have any class to it at all, in my opinion.

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I've more or less deducted that this would be due to people who cyber together are in a way familiar and also hanging from the same string..They both accept and agree to this, which many label to be disgusting and wrong, and both agree to it.This means they can find a familiar idea in each other - both have sexual desires/fantasies they want to act out, both have the same sort of 'pervy' mind and aren't judging each other on it, as they both have it.Along with that, punishment for them (should they have the chance to get punished) is the same, and I believe both think they'll experience it the same.If one side isn't up for the punishment, (s)he'll believe the other side isn't aswell, so (s)he won't tell anything to anyone and whatever they do keeps private and nobody else has to know.

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In one cellar officers found the disturbing message "I've been bad for years and years" scrawled on a wooden post.

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You can even search for members who have selected that they enjoy the same sexual positions or acts as you.

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Premium Membership options include unlimited searches with public records regarding people, property, marriage, divorce, death and unclaimed money.

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I appreciate in men the ability to surprise his woman.