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I have a cellphone, Hi-MD player, and a laptop for a reason goddamnit. While the GPS feature is charming and at the same time, liable to make people (me) paranoid, I'd rather just buy Tom Tom GPS for my PDA. Stats: Trademarks: Poor eye sight and licensed Gainax accessories.

The question still remains, is anyone going to buy a Gizmondo? Age: tweens to 30-somethings Body-type: typically uninteresting Music: J-pop and Visual Kei Likes: Cute things, anime, manga, Live Journal drama, yaoi, Sanrio, Gloomy Bear, going to anime conventions, sketching, bittorrenting fan-subtitled anime, role playing on IRC. Games: Final Fantasy titles, RPGs, MMORPGs Online hangouts: Side7, Deviant Art, Live Journal Quote: "Chii!

The company says the ads are unobtrusive and only show when you're not playing a video or a game.

Just the idea that these people know my personal information in addition to the information of where the hell I am all the time (via Gizmondo's GPS) freaks me out.

I'm just curious as to wither or not you can choose to NOT be "subscribed" to Smart Adds.

I haven't found anything on the net about being given the choice.

Even though I don't believe in Sony that much anymore, I would rather purchse a PSP instead.

At least I can watch my porn on a nice big screen and play Splatterhouse on my emulator. For those ignorant of the term "otaku", it's primarily used in the United States to describe persons obsessed with anime, manga, or Japanese things in general.

They tend to have messy relationships due to the high occurrence of mental illness with Otaku.By now you've probably heard about the Sony DRM incident involving Sony shoving a hidden program on their music CDs to prevent a user from creating too many copies of the music.The end result was someone figuring this out and exploiting it via a trojan. There's no problem with the company who created the rootkit but there is a problem with the fact they sold the technology to Sony. They're so desperate to cash in our their investments (musicians) that they'd do something so goddamn underhanded. How long is it going to take before this completely blows up in Sony's face, leaving bits and pieces to permanently scar the company? I know that the money I hand the doorman will in some way reach the band at some point after they pay whomever for setting up the venue. While this might seem completely unbelievable to those who like mainstream, expensive bands.. This isn't going to solve the people of the world's problems.I don't need advertisers chilling out in my pocket all the time, knowing my location, offering me food stuffs from 7-11. There's a long history of the term in Japan, being used for geeks and serial killers.And quite frankly, I wouldn't want to buy something that could do everything. People argue that it's much broader than being used for anime dorks, but I just think those people have too much free time.

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Panelist Carlos Greer claims investors are “sympathetic to Georgina,” despite rumors swirling that she turned a blind eye to her husband's creepy behavior.

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Natural Awakenings Singles.com, used by Natural Awakenings readers to meet conscious soul mates, twin flames, life partners and friends since 2013 in partnership with the Conscious Dating Network, has been upgraded with a new contemporary layout suited to all platforms and devices, including smartphones and tablets.

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“I am also a stylist as well as a shoe designer.” But she was much more tight-lipped when it came to revealing the sex of her unborn child.

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The Vault combines 1TB of Network Attached Storage (NAS) with a DAC and digital volume control so you can connect it directly to your hi-fi with a pair of regular old RCA interconnects.