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She thought that the episode was "boring, because we already know how it's going to end, and it's trivial, because already we can see how easily this crew can be diverted from duty." Zack Handlen reviewed "The Naked Now" for The A. The first home media release of "The Naked Now" was on VHS cassette, appearing on September 5, 1991 in the United States and Canada.

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The crew of the Enterprise responds to messages received from the SS Tsiolkovsky, a science vessel monitoring the collapse of a supergiant star. Crusher (Gates Mc Fadden) orders full medical examinations of the away team on their return, and finds La Forge sweating profusely and complaining about the temperature.

Staff writer Maurice Hurley said of "The Naked Now," "I didn't like that show at all. What it did show, though, was that the new ensemble could interact, and that there were relationships between them that worked. Trekkies who were looking for reasons to hate The Next Generation found plenty" while "viewers who were willing to watch it with an open mind saw flashes of things they came to love watching," James Hunt wrote about "The Naked Now" for the website "Den of Geek," stating that he couldn't understand why someone would want to show the characters acting out of character in only the second episode (not counting the pilot) of the series, before the viewers had a baseline from which to understand why the characters' behaviour was abnormal.

He praised the idea of connecting The Next Generation to The Original Series early in the series, but also remarked that "however you slice it up, this episode is pretty awful." Jamahl Epsicokhan on his website "Jammer's Reviews" remarked that "there's a certain memorable quality to this episode, despite its campy, overplayed comedy" but that "ultimately, the show is too goofy for its own good, but it's at least not boring," awarding it a score of two and a half out of four.

Writing for Trek Nation, Michelle Erica Green thought that the episode would have been improved if it had come a few seasons later, by which time the characters were better known to the audience. Lum) have been immortalized on the podcast The Greatest Generation where the hosts Benjamin Ahr Harrison and Adam Pranica name a Drunk Shimoda at the end of each podcast.

She also argued that the plot's synopsis would have worked better had it been used for an episode in Star Trek: Voyager. He gave the episode a grade of D-, and his criticism of the episode included describing the scene with Yar and Data as "colossally misjudged" as well as attacking Wesley Crusher's "twerpitude." The antics of Jim Shimoda (Mr. The Drunk Shimoda is a character who is having fun or doing something out of the ordinary during the course of the featured episode.

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You’d only want to attempt this though if you’re pretty sure it’ll work on her, you’ve maybe seen her looking at you, or you’ve made eye contact and she’s given you a smile or some kind of sign. Does she start playing with her hair and making a few extra flirty gestures than she was before she saw you? Or if she has a really unique handbag, go for that. Approach her with a smile and enthusiastically tell her you have the exact same shoes! It’s a good way to break the ice and hopefully make her laugh, it also tells her that you’ve noticed something about her attire, which is why it works if it’s something a bit more detailed or some kind of statement piece she’s wearing. If you’re lucky, you might get a sassy girl that tells you you’re already good looking enough to talk to and you can drink together! And if she hasn’t heard it before, you should get a laugh. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed results, but I have heard of it working.

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In nest number two the female laid three eggs, unfortunately one was lost when the female flew out the nest with it still attached to her! The remaining two eggs successfully hatched and fledged.

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