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Those small details and what she chooses to focus on—whether good or bad—clue you in on her personality big time. Odds are you won't be traveling on a first date, but this question (paired with the above) can offer a ton of clues about her persona.This may seem a bit odd and specific, but how she likes to travel is sometimes even more telling than where she likes to travel. "This opens the door for conversation relating to history, religious perspectives, art, and culture," Sullivan says.If she'd watch every television series ever created, and you're an active guy who can't stand to be indoors, well, that shows you might not be super compatible.

It's also the perfect way to gauge whether her level of passion is compatible with yours, Jones says. Each of these explanations reveals something about her character.

"It's fun to see what you might have had in common as kids," Jones says You'll learn about the people closest to her in life.

Good: You can see if she has a tight bond with her parents or siblings. "The five people we're around the most, shape us the most; her relationship to any one of her closest friends and family members tell you a lot about her," Jones says Waiting to be seated at your table or for your waiter to arrive?

"If sports are big in your life, this will take you into a ton of subtopics," Sullivan says.

Ask what sports she's interested in, what teams she roots for, and if she played sports in college.

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Doch auch die vor Jahren abgesetzte und verbannte Königsfamilie Targaryen plant ihre Rückkehr an die Macht.

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